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Alex's Day One

Hi- I’m Alex, Zia’s Cafe Manager. I was psyched when Daniela, Celeste and I decided to do this cleanse together because I, personally, have been dying for a reboot, both physically and mentally. Over the past couple of years I have slowly stopped defining food as fuel, and have begun to use it as a social and emotional mechanism - a very common practice. That being said, I have found myself focusing more on when, where, and what my MIND wants to eat and drink, rather than on what my BODY wants. Don’t get me wrong- I like to think I am a very healthy person! I, again, have just noticed that I need to redefine my relationship with food.

Each of us have decided to approach our cleanses differently.  I have done both raw food and juices cleanses before, respectively. This time, I will be doing a five-day cleanse, with the first and fifth day only intaking raw foods and juices, and the three days in-between I will focus on only drinking juices. I choose to structure my cleanse this way because I think it’s important for me to register how much and how often I eat. Yes, I do expect to feel hunger while juicing, but I do not expect to be hungry. This is because I know, due to social and emotional eating, I have trained my body to expect fuel way more often that it actuallyneeds. Best way to fix that? REBOOT.

Overall, my goal after the next few days is to have a better relationship with food as fuel and to spend time connecting with myself and developing a healthful and mindful routine that is best for my current lifestyle.

Alright- Day One (Raw Food and Juice Day!). I woke up feeling great today! I only “needed” half a cup of coffee, which I think I will be able to bi-pass tomorrow for my first juice day. For breakfast I ate banana ice-cream with some Zia’s Raw Gronola. Delish!

I had a pretty busy day, so I ended up having lunch pretty late. I had a raw cucumber salad to work, which had organic grape tomatoes, a quarter of an avocado, a few sprouts, and I added just a drizzle of Zia’s Citrus Dressing.

I wasn’t hungry at all, but since I packed it, I had a midday snack of half a grapefruit, chopped up cucumber (the little tube-like left-overs from using a spiralizer), half a pear, and another quarter of an avocado. Now, don’t get me wrong, its a great snack! but AGAIN, this “eating for the sake of eating” is a bad habit I have gotten myself into.

For dinner I had a solo tea party! I had four cucumber and Zia’s Mock Tuna tea sandwiches, with a little spinach and sprouts on each, snacked on Zia’s Rye Crackers, and sipped on a cup of mint herbal tea with lemon.

Throughout the day I also had two juices at about 12oz each, one primarily carrot-based, and the other heavy on celery. 

I feel great so far! But considering my diet usually consists of raw foods, I didn’t struggle too much, with the exception of craving hummus. I don’t THINK I’ll have too many problems just sticking to juices tomorrow, but we shall see… I’ll keep you posted!