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Celeste's Cleanse Day One

Day One

Type of cleanse: Combination of juice for breakfast and lunch, and raw food for dinner, for 4 days. 

Goal: to reboot, reset and cleanse with nutrient-dense foods and cold-pressed juice. Wanted any bloat to get off and give it a solid start. To gain the experience necessary to guide my clients as  a health coach. 

I am the managing partner of Plantbar at Belvedere Square Market, in Baltimore. I am studying to get my certification to be a health coach, through IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). My studies involve learning  over 100 dietary theories, including raw food and juicing. Doing this cleanse will help me to understand what my clients will be experiencing, so that i can effectively guide them through their detox and coach them to better health.  

I have always wanted to do a juice cleanse, but the thought of not eating and just drinking for a few days, was daunting.  If I was going to do a cleanse, I needed to have healthy whole foods interspersed throughout the day, so I chose the route of juicing all day, snacking on raw foods and having a raw food meal for dinner, all the while, hydrating with water and juice.

I am trying to eliminate gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet. It’s harder than laying down the cigarettes and I figured if I could do that, (4 years ago) I could do anything. So just like the cold-turkey approach, I used to quit smoking, I decided to do this type of cleanse.

Started the day with Green tea. I didn’t go too hard core, because I didn’t’ want the headache associated with caffeine withdrawal; one thing at a time. I haven’t been able to part with the caffeine, but have broken the coffee rut I was in.

Had juice all morning. It was tolerable. Combination of both fruit and vegetable juices from fresh-pressed machine.

Drank water most of the day throughout.

Around 2:00, I became extremely hungry. I ate a half an apple and a raw bagel. That made me feel much better, but I definitely couldn’t hold off till dinner.

Kept going with the juice. Started to feel better after eating apple and bagel.

For dinner, I had a Samurai Salad with ginger dressing and another juice.

In total, I had about 6, 16 oz. juices for the day. 

For exercising, I took a 35 minute walk in the woods, because I didn’t want to exert myself.

When I got home, I had a bowl of raspberries. More water, water, water.

Feeling pretty good after Day one.   Soul Body Barre in the morning…

Samurai salad