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Alex's Day Two

Day Two - first of the juicing days - was not bad. I did have half a cup of coffee, as well as a cup of hot water with lemon before I started my walk to work. While I walked I sipped on a Apple Zapper, one of our cold-pressed juices, and felt great; I didn’t feel hungry at all! What I did feel though, was a mild headache (expected) and my jaw ached a bit (also expected). I had a pretty hectic day at work so I didn’t get a chance to drink as regularly as I wanted. I think all day I had:

-Apple Zapper (already referenced)

-Cucumber Elixir (another one of our cold pressed juices)

-About 12oz of a fresh-pressed juice of cucumber, celery, a few pieces of pear, and a few drops of silica per Daniela’s recommendation ,

-About 12oz of cucumber, collards, celery, a few pieces of pear  and pineapple

-Young coconut water

-Warm vegetable broth

-Herbal tea

I am VERY impressed with how full I am! I am also very proud of myself for not submitting to my addiction to satisfy the chewing sensation, something I expected to be a lot more difficult. There is no doubt that my relationship with fuel is already improving. I am pretty excited for Day Three!