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Celeste's Day Two

Today, I felt MUCH better than yesterday, in succumbing to my food fear of being hungry.  No problem; I stopped by Whole Foods, grabbed an apple, a bag of Brad's Raw Broccoli, sunflower sprouts and a raw sprouted pumpkin bar. I was in good shape, as long as I was prepared and had something to keep me going. I do realize that I cannot live on juice alone!

These items sustained me for most of the day, making sure to stay hydrated with water and fruit- a cup of raspberries, strawberries and more juice...

For dinner, I took the kids to Chipotle after their game. I had a cup of guacamole and another juice.

My energy today was boundless, but I have to think that it is partially due to the AWESOME Soul Body class that I took at Meadow Mill this morning. 

I'm liking the raw food thing. Looking forward to day 3. Can definitely tell there's some adjusting and resetting going on in my body and it feels great!