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Daniela's Day One Cleanse

Cleansing and fasting with friends changes the dynamic and for me, gives me support that makes for great bonding and reflection.  I’m happy to have partners to cleanse with and it also correlated with a fast for a class that I am taking.  In the class we discussed the reality of the levels of starvation in the world.  When I fast or cleanse in any way, I quickly get honest with myself of why and how much I eat. 

I have chosen to do juice til dinner and have a simple salad with sprouts.  I started with a green juice this morning then a nice cucumber, red cabbage, beet, lime & grapefruit juice in the afternoon.  I don’t typically eat breakfast so this was pretty normal feeling for me. 

Late afternoon between appointments, I had another green juice.  I felt great and didn’t experience any hunger until around 6:30pm.  I had my greens and sprout salad with some herbal tea and finished some work.  

It feels invigorating to me to know that I am nourishing myself on such a high level.  I have a ton of energy tonight.  I don’t feel exhausted like I do when I eat a cooked meal or the usual amount of food that I eat through out the day.  Shew!  Bring on day two of this juice o ramma!!!!!