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Alex's Day Three

DAY THREE AND FEELING GREAT!! Today is my second juicing day, and not only is my headache and jaw ache subsiding/gone, but I am not thinking about food nearly as much! I dont even mind at all that I have another day of  this! When I woke up I, again, had about half a cup of coffee. I dont feel bad that I am still incorporating caffeine into my daily life, I am taking this journey one step at a time! For breakfast I had a Root Balance from our cold-pressed juice line, then I headed over to Plantbar at Belvedere Market to meet up with Celeste, where I had my health consultation with her. I learned so much about myself! With her help, I am so excited to make the necessary changes in my life to improve both mentally and physically! Before I left Plantbar I had a juice from their menu, the Glow With It. It has kale, cucumbers, apples (I replaced with a fwe pears), light lemon, celery, and parsley. Always one of my favorites!

I did treat myself to a kombucha, which I know is ill-advised while cleansing, but I don’t feel too guilty about it! And of course I drank plenty of water. I was very full which is such a great feeling considering how nutrient dense everything I have consumed has been. before I left work I made a 24 oz juice of carrot, celery, parsley, light pears and light pineapple.

Once I got in bed after last night’s post, my stomach did start feeling a little odd, which I think was from the broth. I bypassed brothing tonight for dinner and stuck to a juice, another cold-pressed (our Lean N Green), and some more herbal tea before bed.

I am noticing so much change! I am more focused, and more energized without feeling wired. I feel overall comfortable, and I am beginning to register how good gut health feels. During my consultation with Celeste, we did discuss gut health and as we were talking, I realized I don’t exactly know what a happy gut should feel like! Now, during this cleanse, and with the help of probiotics, I am starting to register how good my body can feel. READY FOR DAY FOUR!