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Celeste's Cleanse Day 3

I woke up feeling GREAT. I ate some of the raw cacao "poppers" that  make with chia, cacao, dates, almonds and sea salt, rolled in hemp seeds. When I got to Plantbar, I had a juice of a mix of kale, beet, lemon, lime and cucumber.  

I'm still having this "food fear" thing going on and really had to change my perspective from more of a juice cleanse to a raw food and juice. Before, I was so focused on the juicing part and as I said yesterday, I can't go on juice alone. 

So I made sure I had food with me to snack on; an apple in my purse, my cacao poppers, a banana and a water went with me everywhere.

For lunch, I got a great salad of kale, red cabbage, hearts of palm, peppers and cucumbers.  

When I got back, I grabbed some Brad's Raw Chips, our vegan, raw "nacho cheese dip" and Zucchini pesto for dinner. I wasn't hungry in the least bit but I felt a little sluggish, which I NEVER feel in the afternoons anymore. I looked it up right away, since I'm not putting anything into my body that would make me tired. I found that it is a side effect of the detox. I got through it by taking my B complex vitamins; I need them because I don't eat refined grains or actually any type of grain right now, so the supplements provide biotin, folic acid acid, magnesium, Valerian Root and all the B's and C's. My energy came back right away. 

All in all, I'm liking the way I feel. I think with this reset, I am learning how to feed my body the nutrients I need and listening to what it's telling me. I haven't had anything cooked in 3 days and I feel like with every bite, my body is using what I'm giving to it, more efficiently. 

I am definitely going to keep up with this, long after the "cleanse" is over. Off to another one of the Soul Body classes tomorrow. It's SB Power so that means lots of intervals to continue detoxing through sweat. BRING IT.