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Daniela's Cleanse Day 3

When I woke up & looked in the mirror this morning, I had that raw food, green juice glow.  My skin is brighter and any puffiness that I sometimes experience was gone.  I tell ya, that will give you motivation first thing in the am to stay on track!

I have a little bag of tricks that I add to my water that is helpful too.  I make a concoction of Ultima brand grape electrolytes, silica and trace mineral mix.  I feel it keeps me alert and clear.

I was pretty busy today and around 2pm, it caught up to me.  Honestly, I was rushing and skipped a juice.  I started to get a smidge of a headeache so after a meeting I ate little kale salad and a few bites of pineapple.  Then when I got back to Zia's I drank a juice and it was like magic! 

Tonight I had a coconut water, a nice salad with sprout mix, carrots & red cabbage, totally hit the spot.  Feeling good, pretty nutty energy level.