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Scare Away the Halloween Sugar Blues

If Halloween was a wrecking ball for your diet, here are a few alternatives to refined white sugar, to help curb the cravings after the post-candy indulging.  Fight the Sugar Blues with these healthy alternatives.

Swap out sugar-covered cereals with an item that has five ingredients or less and will provide you with nutrients. Our parfaits, mousse, and raw bagels are great options.

Focus on high quality fats such as avocado and coconut oil ,protein such as nuts, seeds and legumes, and plenty of vegetables and fruit. Adding more nutrient-rich foods could mean less cravings because your body is getting what it needs for optimal health.

Dates are a great sugar substitute for when you have that sweet tooth. They're also a nutritional powerhouse of benefits and sweetness! Add to smoothies or eat by themselves.

Replace sugary sport drinks and soda with electrolyte water, fresh-pressed juice or nut milks.

Skip the ice cream and serve "Nice cream" like homemade fruit sorbets and frozen bananas.

Switch out candies, cookies, and cakes with grain-less granola, apples and bananas with almond butter, fruits and nut based yogurts. add chia seeds for more fiber, protein and minerals.

If you still need some guidance or direction on how to eliminate sugar or any other wellness inquiry, feel free to reach out. Celeste@plant-bar.com. I would be glad to help!