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Party Smart!

Hydration Tips When Having Cocktails

- Add electrolytes / trace minerals to your water to help ultimate hydration. We sell Ultima Replenisher at Plantbar and Zia's ($19.99 or $39.99 containers).

-Drink 1 glass of water between each cocktail

Too much alcohol may make you feel sick to your stomach, but it's also interfering with your body's ability to absorb vitamins it takes in, particularly B vitamins.

B vitamins are very important in healing of nerves themselves.  If someone has no B vitamins on board, it's going to take longer for the brain to heal.

It is recommended to take a vitamin-B supplement, both during and the morning after having cocktails.  Your body uses vitamin B to process alcohol, so you end up deficient in the essential nutrient the next morning, which could make you feel worse.

When choosing your vitamins go for a B-100 complex, which contains 100 percent of your daily value of B vitamins.