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Effective Juice Cleansing

Effective Juice Cleansing

Juice cleansing seems to be “trending” at the moment.  That may be true however,  this is a trend I can get behind.  There is important info you should know to have an effective cleanse.  First, I’d like to stress that if you are going to order a juice cleanse rather than make your own juice, order juices that are not HPP’d (high pressure processed).   It won’t be labeled on the bottle, in fact, juice that is hpp’d could be labeled, fresh, cold pressed, raw or it will say, “never heated”. HPP juice can sit on a shelf for up to 55 days.  You tell me, how is that fresh? You don’t want this stuff, you want fresh juice with its enzymes alive! 

When cleansing, there are some things that I highly recommend to really optimize this thing! I mean, there’s a reason you are doing this, right?   First, set up a colonic series, which will be the day or so before you start, one during and one right after.   A colonic is going to assist toxins to exit your body and help with any detox symptoms you may experience, like headaches or fogginess. 

You really should lead up to the cleanse eating a simple raw diet of fruit, sprouts, blended raw soups & salads.  This is going to help your digestive system get ready for the break it’s going to get.  And, of course, you ease out of your cleanse with simple raw food as well.

Other things that will support detoxing is body brushing, taking magnesium salt baths & taking activated charcoal or zeolites.  Why?  Because you want to rock this cleanse out & help your body get rid of the toxins! 

You can do this!  It may freak you out to think of only having liquids for a few days but I will promise you are going to learn something about your relationship with food.