Zia's and Plantbar support the vegan, raw, paleo, and gluten-free community,

providing nutrient-dense, plant-based food and drink.

We empower our clients to create a vibrant balance within the body,

achieving wellness and harmony.

Daniela Troia - Executive Chef & Founder of Zia’s and PLANTBAR

Daniela is the founder of Zia's Cafe and Plantbar.  She formulates the recipes for our juices, smoothies and raw, vegan food, found at both locations.  She is the expert on raw food, juicing and a vegan lifestyle and has contributed her knowledge at both local and national health and wellness conferences, television programs and cookbooks for over 20 years.

Alexandra Waltzer - Director of Branding & Operations Zia’s and PLANTBAR

Alex is the director of branding and operations for both locations. She thrives on a strict gluten-free lifestyle. She honed her skills and knowledge operating the Disney World location of Erin McKenna's Bakery (formally Babycakes NYC), which is the certified gluten-free bakery of Disney.